Nashville Flight Traning Victory!

Congratulations to Mariah Ferber and Paige Kessler of team Nashville Flight Training for their recent victory in the 2018 Air Classic Race! As you all know, I completed my private pilot training at Nashville Flight Training at the Nashville International Airport (KBNA). I did a lot of my training in N434EP, the aircraft they flew in the race. I have fond memories of that bird. She was a little short on modern avionics but flew well and fast. I think she got a new engine in the last year and maybe some other upgrades.

The only downside to flying that plane for me was that it has a fuel injected engine, so there is no carb heat. When I would transition back to one of the older C-172s with a carburated engine, I invariably would forget to turn on the carb heat on my first pattern. This bad habit is an example of why we use checklists! It was an important lesson in my training. All aircraft, even of the same model, are not necessarily the same.

Read more about the race on the AOPA’s website via this link.


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